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  • The opinions, commentary and characterizations provided to this online forum by the authors and moderators are provided for encouraging discussion, thought and debate on important post grant issues. These postings are in no way representative of the opinions of Oblon Spivak et al., or its clients.

Archive for August 6th, 2012

USPTO Buzz — Rule Packages and PTAB Roll Out

Posted On: Aug. 6, 2012   By: Scott A. McKeown
buzzPTAB Rule Packages to Publish on August 14th

The final rule packages for the new post grant patent proceedings of the Patent Trial & Appeal Board (PTAB) were expected to issue last week but were obviously delayed.  The USPTO informed the Intellectual Property Section of the ABA (at the ABA annual meeting last weekend) that these final rule packages will publish on August 14th. (available in the Federal Register reading room on the 13th). The delay is a result of the time needed for publishing agencies to review such a significant submission. For example, last Friday the USPTO was asked to adjust minor formatting, section headings/numbering, etc to the original submission made in July.

While the agency was tight lipped as to changes in the final rules during their presentations over the weekend, reading between the lines Read the rest of this entry »