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Yet Another Bill Proposes Heightened Pleading Standard for Patent Cases

Posted On: Jul. 16, 2013   By: Scott A. McKeown
patent reformMultitude of Anti Patent Troll Bills Before Congress

Yet another patent reform bill, H.R. 2639, was introduced last week by Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY). Like many of the bills introduced over the past few months, H.R. 2639 seeks to mandate more particuarity for pleading patent infringment, and seeks to stem the tide of infringment suits against “secondary parties” such as retailers, hotels, etc. The bill also proposes staying discovery until after the Markman Order.

While there is a tremendous amount of interest in patent reform on Capitol Hill, the multitude of competing bills (with more rumored to be on the way) may only serve to bog down the legislative process so that nothing is accomplished this year.

For those interested in a more in-depth analysis of current patent troll landscape, and the expected impact of the ongoing legislative effort, please join me on July 31st: Battling Patent Trolls: Leveraging New Executive Orders, AIA and Other Tools

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