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  • The opinions, commentary and characterizations provided to this online forum by the authors and moderators are provided for encouraging discussion, thought and debate on important post grant issues. These postings are in no way representative of the opinions of Oblon Spivak et al., or its clients.

Archive for December 30th, 2013

PTAB Accelerates Post Grant Trial Schedules by Two Months

Posted On: Dec. 30, 2013   By: Scott A. McKeown
PTAB docketPTAB Begins Front Loading IPR & CBM Schedules

The new patent challenge proceedings of the USPTO’s Patent Trial & Appeal Board (PTAB) are instantly distinguishable from the previous examiner-based, patent reexamination—perhaps most notably in speed. That is, an Inter Partes Review (IPR), Post Grant Review (PGR) or Covered Business Method (CBM) must conclude, by statute, within 12 months of institution. This turnaround is a dramatic improvement over the 3-5 year pendencies that plagued patent reexamination. For this reason, the PTAB has been a major disruption to the business of patent licensing and assertion in the U.S; especially to that of the dreaded “patent troll.”

For patentees faced with a PTAB post grant challenge it’s only getting worse. As of mid-December, the PTAB has accelerated trial schedules so that oral argument is scheduled a mere 7 months from trial institution. This is a full two months earlier than the previous default schedule. Read the rest of this entry »