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  • The opinions, commentary and characterizations provided to this online forum by the authors and moderators are provided for encouraging discussion, thought and debate on important post grant issues. These postings are in no way representative of the opinions of Oblon Spivak et al., or its clients.

Archive for May 14th, 2014

PTAB Popularity Undermines Push for Further Patent Reform

Posted On: May. 14, 2014   By: Scott A. McKeown
PTAB-filingsPatent Reform Has Been in the Hands of the Public Since September 2012

The last round of patent reform was enacted into law in 2011 as the America Invents Act (AIA). Along with the AIA came new patent challenge mechanisms that first became available to the public in September of 2012. These mechanisms have quickly increased in popularity and are only now disrupting the business of abusive patent litigation. For whatever reason, Congress has decided to forge ahead with new reform efforts despite the game changing impact of the AIA — an effort seemingly stalled at present. As Congress continues to debate the need for further patent reform, the impact of the AIA is becoming increasingly harder to ignore. That is, the public’s appetite for the low cost, post grant patent challenge proceedings of the AIA is surging, and the efficacy of these proceedings on assertion entities is impressive.

Since their initial availability in September of 2012, Read the rest of this entry »