USPTO Posts Public Comments on Patent Reexamination Streamline Proposals

As discussed here in significant detail over the past few months, the USPTO is considering various proposals in an attempt to streamline patent reexamination. Back in April, the USPTO published a collection of working concepts and initiatives in the Federal Register for the purpose of streamlining patent reexamination. Based upon public commentary, the USPTO will now begin the process of considering to implement/modify the various proposals via a formal rule-making process, or through internal policy changes. (a copy of the Federal Register Notice is found here)

The deadline for submitting comments to the USPTO was last Wednesday. Comments submitted to date can be found posted (here). (Note: AIPLA and ABA comments are not yet available as they are still being drafted.)

I am pleased to report that several proposals published on this blog (and submitted separately on behalf of my firm) have been adopted by the IPO, Intellectual Ventures, and other bar organizations.