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  • The opinions, commentary and characterizations provided to this online forum by the authors and moderators are provided for encouraging discussion, thought and debate on important post grant issues. These postings are in no way representative of the opinions of Oblon Spivak et al., or its clients.

Legislative History of Post Grant Patent Provisions

Posted On: Jun. 26, 2012   By: Scott A. McKeown
AIAhistoryDiscussion of AIA Legislative History

For those that may have missed the Patently-O post on the topic last week, Mr. Joe Matal, Judiciary Committee Counsel to Senator Jon Kyl, recently published a comprehensive guide to the legislative history of the AIA in the Federal Circuit Bar Journal. Since the AIA was the result of years of congressional and political wrangling, competing bills, and confusion, the complete history is especially difficult to navigate. Part II focuses on the post grant aspects of the AIA, links below.

Part I

Part II

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