APTOPIX Obama 2008During an interview with ABC news this past Sunday, “This Week” Senior White House Advisor David Axelrod fielded questions on the administration’s plan for economic growth. With the deficit growing, and the Obama White House being assailed for over spending, Mr. Axelrod mentioned several initiatives that will not require further spending, but are expected to benefit the economy.

He described everyone’s favorite multi-year, multi-administration, never ending legislative initiative as follows:

…we’re going to keep launching initiatives, and they don’t all involve spending.

Things like patent reform are things that — is something that we want to pursue so that small businesses and start-up businesses with a good idea can — can — can move without the kind of bureaucratic obstacles that the current patent system provides.

With health care and banking reform seemingly complete, and the Obama administration looking for a cause to rally around that does not involve spending….maybe…oh never mind.