Upcoming CLE Reviews the Impact of Claim Drafting Defects

Although I try to keep the shameless self promotion to a minimum (stop chuckling)….

If like me you are stuck working next week, what better way to spend it then to listen to my glorious monotone voice! Monday December 20, I will participate along with my partner Mike McCabe and John Mulgrew of Microsoft Corporation on the Managing Intellectual Property Webcast entitled Induced/Joint Infringement in Global-Tech and Golden Hour.

As a reminder, Global-Tech is pending before the Supreme Court and explores the state of mind required to be liable for inducing another to infringe a patented claim. Golden Hour is a recent CAFC decision on divided infringement that explored the degree of “direction” and “control” necessary between joint infringers.

Mike and John will explain these important cases and their impact on patent portfolio management. I will comment on pre-grant/post grant mechanisms at the USPTO for Patentees to correct such portfolio defects. Registration is free (link above)