Webcast Today at 1:30PM (EST)

As discussed back in April, the USPTO has proposed a collection of working concepts and initiatives in the Federal Register for the purpose of streamlining patent reexamination. Based upon public commentary, the USPTO will consider implementing/modifying the various proposals via a formal rule-making process, or through internal policy changes. (a copy of the Federal Register Notice is found here)

The proposals are directed to both ex parte and inter partes patent reexamination (see above link for more detail).

Today, the USPTO will conduct a public meeting to receive comments on their streamlining proposals.  For those that did not pre-register, or are unable to attend in person, you may tune into the webcast at 1:30PM here.

The meeting is scheduled for 1:30PM-5PM, today’s agenda may be found (here)

I will post any available meeting materials later today.