Leahy-Smith America Invents Act Heads to Finish Line

As expected, the Senate voted to invoke cloture in overwhelming fashion yesterday evening, 93-5. With this procedural hurdle now behind the Senate, the House bill will be forced to a limited debate on the merits (including unlikely amendment) and a final vote. Debate is expected to begin as early as today.

While it is inevitable that some amendments will be introduced, along with a bit of  pro forma grandstanding, it seems clear that the Senate is intent on delivering the bill to the president in current form.  (As any amendment would scuttle the opportunity to pass patent reform in the near term, I do not expect any to be seriously considered or adopted—- the majority has spoken).   

UPDATE: Watch the Debate ideo/C-SPAN2/”>live today at 11:30AM

Enactment could occur in a matter of days.