Day Long Webcast February 3, 2012

Last call for Friday’s CLE program entitled “Post-Grant Proceedings 2012 – The New Patent Litigation.”  This year, while currently available post grant proceedings will certainly be covered, the program will focus on the many changes of the AIA, how these proceedings will impact patent litigation, and the progress of the USPTO rule making and implementation efforts. 

Scheduled Speakers include:

Chief Judge James D. Smith of the Board of Patent Appeals & Interferences (soon to be Patent Trial & Appeal Board (PTAB)). Judge Smith will provide an update on the implementation and rule making efforts necessary to transform the BPAI into the PTAB.

Director of the Central Reexamination Unit (CRU), Ms. Irem Yucel will also participate in a panel discussion with Judge Smith to provide an update on the efforts of the CRU to adapt to the changes of the AIA and where this unit will fit into the USPTO equation going forward.

Director of the Office of Patent Legal Administration (OPLA), Brian Hanlon will provide an update on reexamination practice and petition handling, and other aspects of OPLA efforts to implement the post grant aspects of the AIA.

For more information on this program, including how to attend in person (New York) or to register for the webcast, please visit the PLI information page (here)