Inaugural PTAB Bar Association Conference & Much More

For those seeking some PTAB related discussion/CLE in the months ahead, there are a multitude of upcoming programs.

March 1st-3rd: The Inaugural Conference of the PTAB Bar Association will be held in Washington D.C. (here) This program will offer a boot-camp for new practitioners on Wednesday March 1, followed by a full day program on Thursday, March 2nd, and a half day program on Friday, March 3rd. Don’t miss the uniquely focused discussion of PTAB ethics and potential inequitable conduct risks on Friday.

March 7th: – Best Practices for Proving a Document is a Printed Publication in an Appeal or AIA Trial (PTAB –Boardside Chat) (to be rescheduled)

March 9th-10th: The UTCLE Advanced Patent Law Institute will be held at the USPTO’s Alexandria campus. (here) This program will offer a broad range of patent related topics, including extensive discussions of PTAB trial practice and the impact of recent Federal Circuit Decisions.

March 10th: For those on the west coast, the Washington State Bar Association will hold its 22nd Annual Intellectual Property Institute in Seattle. (here)  This program will also offer a broad range of IP related topics, including a discussion of best practices for PTAB trials.

March 21st: MIP U.S. Patent Forum 2017 will be held in Palo Alto (here). This program offers a full day program focusing on AIA trial practices.

May 10th-11th: American Conference Institute presents its Third Annual Post-Grant PTO Proceedings in New York City (here). This two-day event will cover a variety of AIA Trial Proceeding topics.

May 16, 2017: MIP PTAB Forum 2017 will be held in New York City. (here)  This is a full-day forum on PTAB trial practices.

I hope to see you at one of these upcoming events.