Webinar to Cover Flurry of CAFC Developments & SAS Cert.

Tomorrow, May 25, 2017, I will present a webinar for Strafford Legal on: Evolving PTAB Trial Practice: Navigating Complex Procedural Rules (live webinar: 1:00PM-2:30PM EDT)
The program will cover a number of important topics, not the least of which is the expected impact of pending en banc decisions of the Federal Circuit as well as the potential impact of the SAS debate now at the Supreme Court.

On June 15th, I, along with my partner Alex Hadjis will present the free PatentsPostGrant.com webinar entitled: ITC as a PTAB Antidote : Navigating Competing Administrative Trial Strategies & Pitfalls (live webinar:1:00pm-2:30pm EDT) (register here)

I hope to hear from you at one of these upcoming events.