February Webinar to Explore Litigation Strategies & PTAB Antidotes

This month’s edition of the PatentsPostGrant.com free webinar series will be held on Thursday, February 22nd @ 2PM (EST). The February Webinar is entitled: Roadblock PTAB: Litigation Strategies & IPR Antidotes.

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Program Description: In the 5+ years since their inception, AIA Trial proceedings have become invaluable tools for defendants facing patent infringement claims, and thorns in the side of many patent owners. As a result, patent owners have worked hard to more effectively navigate or even altogether circumvent the PTAB. Some of the strategies in the last year, which have faced varying degrees of success, include asserting patents in fast track jurisdictions such as the International Trade Commission (ITC), raising Constitutional challenges to the PTAB’s authority, and structuring ownership to include sovereign entities to leverage sovereign immunity defenses.

The February PatentsPostgrant.com webinar is presented by R&G PTAB Practice Chair Scott McKeown & IP Litigation Counsel Matt Rizzolo who will offer their insights and experiences relating to potential “PTAB antidotes” that have been used by patent owners, and will discuss how these and other strategies and tactics may fare in 2018 and beyond.

The formal portion of the webinar will begin at 2PM Eastern and will last for approximately 50-60 minutes. After the presentation there will be a Q&A period. To attend the webinar please sign up via the link above. You will receive a registration confirmation email immediately. Two hours prior to the webinar you’ll receive another email with a link and instructions for joining the presentation. CLE credit will be provided (CA, NYC, VA).