AIPLA Bench & Bar/IPWatchdog Con2020

A few virtual CLE programs on the horizon, including AIPLA’s PTAB Bench & Bar Conference, and the inaugural IPWatchdog Con!

First up, AIPLA’s VIRTUAL PTAB Bench & Bar Conference will be held on August 20th from 3-6PM (EST). This program provides two sessions on Trial Proceedings before the PTAB, and the opportunity to discuss current issues with fellow practitioners and USPTO personnel in small break out sessions. The traditional sessions will explore Discretionary Denials: What Petitioners and Patent Owners Need to Know; and Practice Tips For Effective Briefing/Evidence At Each Stage of the Trial.  Register (here)

Second, the inaugural, and also entirely virtual, IPWatchdog Con2020 will run from September 1-30, 2020. Previously scheduled as a 3-day live event, the pandemic has forced the program into a topic or two, per day, over the full month of September (It’s a virtual mardi gras of IP law!) This program covers far more than just the PTAB, including the full spectrum of issues facing innovators, creators and brand owners. Register (here)

Looking forward to both of these innovative programs.