Longest Running PTAB Program Returns Next Week (Live Webcast)!

This coming Wednesday, September 9th brings the return of Practising Law Institute’s Advanced PTAB Trial Strategies.

This year the program will focus on a half-day of advanced topics beginning at 9AM (EST), but in its usual interactive format.  This year’s high-level focus is designed to go well beyond the basics to explore emerging practice trends, discuss overlapping litigation strategies/concerns, and analyze advanced trial tactics for petitioners and patent owners alike.  From the changing political winds driving precedent and agency policies, to in-the-trenches feedback, this program will deliver significant value to PTAB practitioners and in-house counsel.  (West Coast registrants will be able to watch the program on-demand rather than getting up at 6AM 🙂 )

The half-day schedule provides:

  • Advanced PTAB Trial Grounds: Petition Drafting, Support & Strategy, Patent Owner Evidence, Counter-Arguments/Strategy
  • Navigating Critical PTAB Procedures: Depositions, Amending & Motions
  • Administrative Trial Advocacy in PTAB Patent Proceedings: Oral Argument, Briefing, Technical Audiences, Standards of Review

I am pleased to be returning as co-chair alongside Robert Greene Sterne of the Sterne Kessler firm. Register (here)