Webinars This Week on Post-Grant Patent Practice

A few interesting programs this week for those interested in a refresher on patent reexamination, or looking toward 2021 PTAB possibilities.

First, tomorrow (Tuesday) brings one of my favorite CLE programs of the year.   IAM’s IP 2020 (formerly Patent Law & Policy) kicks off tomorrow and runs through Thursday of this week. This program will explore litigation trends with a particular eye toward the political implications of the election and its impact on patent law policy.  A PTAB segment is offered on Thursday morning (9AM) that covers practice updates and developments. (register here)

Second, on Thursday afternoon Unified Patents presents — Reexaminations Reborn: Strategies for Filing Ex Parte Reexaminations.  The program will cover an overview of the ex parte reexamination process, strategies employed in successful filings, and look at the overall data behind reexaminations.  The program will also compare and contrast the benefits of PTAB challenges, and the role of patent reexamination in view of current and future developments. (register here)

Hope you can tune in to one of these informative events.