October Webinar to Debrief on Leahy Bill

Senator Patrick Leahy (D) VT and Senator John Cornyn (R) TX have jointly drafted a new bill entitled the “Restoring the America Invents Act.” The Bill proposes to roll-back recent directives and policies of former USPTO Director Iancu, most notably discretionary denials of AIA trial proceedings in view of parallel litigation.  Given the explosion of patent litigation in the Western District of Texas, and the opinion of some in Congress that lax patent policy is leading to extended drug monopolies that artificially inflate drug pricing, the foundation is being laid for a legislative adjustment to U.S. patent law that will resonate with voters.

The draft bill includes proposals to:

    • Limit PTAB discretion to deny institution of post-grant proceedings
    • Expand the jurisdiction of the PTAB
    • Encourage courts to stay litigations proceeding in parallel to a PTAB trial

In this free webinar, I will review the various components of the bill along with my partner Matt Rizzolo, discuss its prospects for passage, and the implications it may have on patent litigation and monetization practices.

The formal portion of the webinar will begin at 2PM (EST) and will last for approximately 50-60 minutes. After the presentation there will be a Q&A period. To attend the free webinar please sign up via the link below. You will receive a registration confirmation email immediately. One hour prior to the webinar you’ll receive another email with a link and instructions for joining the presentation. CLE credit will be provided (CA, NYC, VA).

Free Registration: (here)