Supplemental Examination

New Mechanism to Cleanse Inequitable Conduct

Yesterday, the USPTO issued a Notice of Proposed Rule Making to outline the procedures for conducting supplemental examination (here). (See the earlier discussion on the related changes to patent reexamination fees provided by this Notice).

As a reminder, the America Invents Act provided supplemental examination (SE) as a mechanism to cure inequitable conduct before the USPTO. Upon submission of SNQs that explain potential issues for supplemental examination, the Office may initiate a type of “re-examination” that follows the procedures for ex parte patent reexamination with some modification. In essence this proceeding was based on a “but for” theory later adopted in Therasense.

In addition to proposing a steep price to initiate SE and conduct the related reexamination proceeding, (roughly $22K) the Office has outlined the rules for conducting supplemental examination.

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