PTAB Appeals Focused on Merits

The SCOTUS re-calibrated the PTAB’s appeal bar in Thryv, Inc v. Click-To-Call Techs., LP., explaining that potential violations of 35 U.S.C. § 315(b) were too closely related to the institution determination of the agency to escape the appeal bar.  Since that time, the Federal Circuit has considered at least two additional issues that it may no longer have the ability to consider on appeal: RPI/privity disputes, and determinations that a patent qualifies as a Covered Business Method (CBM) patent.

As to RPI/privity, those disputes are now barred from appeal.
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Supplemental Briefing Focuses on Remedies

As discussed last week, the Federal Circuit has requested supplemental briefing in Arthrex Inc. v. Smith & Nephew to assess how best to remedy a potential Appointments Clause violation.  The supplemental briefing has now been submitted.  While the Court deliberates whether it is appropriate to remand or vacate the Arthrex matter, the government’s brief and Appellee brief look to the potential impact in other PTAB appeals.
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November Webinar to Focus on Appellate Hot Topics

The November edition of the webinar series will be held Monday, November 4th@ 2-3PM (EST). The November program will focus on emerging appellate issues expected to drive PTAB practice in the months ahead.

The webinar is entitled: PTAB Reset 2020: Appointments Clause Turmoil & Appellate Docket

Next Week: PTAB BoardSide Chat & PatentsPostgrant.Com Webinar

Next week, brings back-to-back programs on PTAB appeals, both with a unique focus.

First, up, this month’s edition of the free webinar series will be held on Wednesday, January 31st @ 2PM (EST). The January Webinar is entitled: Building Winning PTAB Appeals to the Federal Circuit

Remand or Reversal?

Appeals from the Patent Trial & Appeal Board (PTAB) have now become a major component of the Federal Circuit’s docket. Given the deferential “substantial evidence” standard accorded PTAB decisions, upward of 60% of such appeals are simply affirmed — many without further comment. The remainder of PTAB appeals  include a mixed bag of partial affirmances, reversal and/or remands. While both reversal and remand outcomes are appellate “wins” for Patent Owners, a remand for a Patent Owner is often a winning of the Federal Circuit appeal battle only to lose the PTAB war.
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